Kadavallur Anyonyam is perhaps the only example for the annual contest of traditional scholars in Kerala, in India, or even in the world.

Kadavallur Anyonyam is conducted in the month of November every year at the famous Sri Ramaswamy temple situated at Kadavallur, near Kunnamkulam, Thrissur Dt, Kerala. Traditional scholars of Rigveda assemble in the temple and enter in severe competitions in the chanting of Rigveda for eight days.

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Veda Math

The Vedamath complex gives accomodation to the Rigvedic scholars of Thrissur and Tirunavaya Mathas attending the Anyonyam every year.

Along with that, the complex contains an administrative section, library and research centre, seminar hall and rooms for teaching Vedas and Vedic knowledge to all irrespective of caste, creed or sex.